Crouched at the Starting Line

Blue Table Painting is underbooked for January. We are ready to go on any project, any size, and ready to go right away!

We have a lot of specials running right now. Some of these note time limits, don't worry about that, I'm running them through January at least. Most of these are permanent features, that is they're being run until further notice.

If it were me ordering an army, I'd recommend the Turbo army (if you want to pick) or a Basic Training army. There's always the option of ordering a la carte.

I've also got several armies in the studio just ready to get painted up:
Imperial Guard (including six Valkyries and six Vendetta upgrade kits from Forge World)
Chaos Space Marines
Khador (tons of Khador)
Space Marines

I also have two armies on the block:
Heru Sky Raiders (temporarily reduced to $450)
Oceanic Tau



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