I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Josephus today. Low-key at 1100 points. His Bretonnians vs my Dark Elves. I got tabled. Bretonnian knights are just brutal. I couldn't believe it. They just ran over the Black Guard like tissue paper.

Units of Bretonnian Knights with two characters in there are just head-stompingly good. They get a rank bonus at just three wide and all the knights along the edges get to attack.

He tabled me. Not a single survivor after Turn 4.

In other news. I tried something new against Renn as you can see in the batrep vids I'm putting out. A Dark Elf Master (Hero) on a dark steed. She's got a 1+ save from: heavy armor, horse, enchanted shield and sea dragon cloak. Then the Pendant of Khaeleth which gives an inverse ward save (roll equal to or UNDER the Strength of the attack-- six always fails). With some good tools she can really take care of small problems like skaven weapon teamms.

Against S3 she has 2+ from armor and 3- from pendant: 12 to 1 against.
Against S4 she has 2+ from armor and 4- from pendant: 15 to 1 against (ie on average it takes fifteen wounding hits from a S4 source to inflict a single wound)
Against S5 she has a 3+ from armor and a 5- from pendant: 18 to 1 against
Against S6 she has a 4+ from armor and a 5- from pendant: 12 to 1 against

These odds are even better against shooting attacks since the Sea Dragon Cloak brings her save to a 0+

See how that works? It takes a lot of damage and it's almost not even worth it to waste high strength shots. And this is against wounding hits. On average it takes 48 archers to do just a single wound.

What I'd like to try is a the Armor of Eternal Servitude on top of all that on a Lord: that would double all those odds. So a S5 wound (nevermind that it has to hit and wound) would be 36 to 1 against actually doing a wound. Virtual invulnerability.

On foot might not be a bad option because then she would have 360 degree vision.



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