Dusting of White

As you know from the last post, I was up bright and early, typing out various ideas. Later, I thought of taking that post down, but there it will stay for good or ill. It's really random. Please bear in mind that was a stream-of-consciousness thing where I just wrote down whatever came to mind.

During the night it snowed, about four inches. Then the sun arose in a pale blue sky.

I went back to sleep, fitfully, and awoke completely refreshed around 9am. I lay in bed with the good woman watching Red Dwarf season four, laughing my buttocks off. This paradaisical scene was punctuated by visits from the kids, plowing through the covers and peppering us with kisses and little hugs. For breakfast I had pecan pie and ice cold milk, not exactly nutritious, but very satisfying.

Then off to church with just K. I don't think I've ever been so uplifted and so spiritually sated as that before. It was a sublime delight.

In other news I was released from the calling of Elders Quorum First Counselor. I'm in that exciting place between callings. Can't wait to see what is next. It will probably be a few weeks before I hear anything.

When I got home my wonderful wife made me a ham and grilled cheese sandwich. It had some kind of sauce in it that made it just perfect. Secret ingredient? Apricot jam.

Today life is perfect.



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