Glazed Doughnut


I have a few articles I need to write, but I haven't had the inspiration. I completely slacked out today, just eating holiday leftovers (sliced ham, potatoes, jell-o, mac/cheese, pecan pie), though we did make it to church on time with the whole family today. Every time it gets a little easier.

My mom is in town for the week (not over Christmas, though). She's had her usual run of insights on how the household could be managed better. I am older now and able to take it at face value. Your parents really do get smarter as time goes on. She's really good with the baby and that has been a great help, especially since poor Willow has been under the weather.

For my part, I am recharged. Thank goodness for Sunday. Otherwise I would work myself to death. Church was nothing short of inspiring. We've got a well-practiced choir and they put on quite a Christmas program. I was full of my usual cheer, glad-handing and back-slapping.

I need to be a better father. I need to spend more time with my kids. Not just be present, but actually interact with them more, and more meaningfully. Not to say that I think I'm doing a bad job, or don't interact, just that I could be doing better.

When I come home from work, if I'm late and arrive around bedtime, I tend to charge in and get the kids all revved up. They don't need that. I need to get home on time, earlier, more consistently. That way by the time they are ready for bed, I'm all settled down as well. I'm a pretty high octane parent and my kids have definitely picked up my energy.



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