Upcoming Bio-Weapons

I nicked this list of rumored bio-weapons off of BOLS. I'm looking forward to the Tyranids. We're going to be very busy! Tyranids are a strength of our studio. Tyranids are my second-favorite army (first is Eldar).

Back in 1997 I started playing 40K. I ran an RPG and every week two of my players would take off to play a game at Fitz's house. There were no game shops at that time. I bought some Eldar Aspect Warriors from a friend for $40. My first painting attempts were pathetic beyond belief. After building an Eldar force I turned to Tyranids. I didn't know the first thing about Assembly. I tried to glue them together with hardware store epoxy glue (which has to dry overnight).


Venom Cannon
R:36 S:6 AP:4 Assault 1 Blast
-1 modifier on the vehicle damage chart

Heavy Venom Cannon
R:48 S:9 AP:4 Assault 1 Blast
-1 modifier on the vehicle damage chart

Barbed Strangler
R:24 S:4 AP:6 Assault 1 Large Blast

Stranglethorn Cannon
R:36 S:6 AP:4 Assault 1 Large Blast

R:18 S:4 AP:5 Assault X
(X= bearer's number of attacks), twin-linked

R:18 S:4 AP:5 Assault 1

Sting Blaster
R:12 S:5 AP- Assault 1

Spike Blaster
R:18 S:5 AP:5 Assault 4

Texorin Bug
3 fire modes, may be fired additionally to all other weapons
-Template S:* AP- Assault 1, wounds on 2+ vs. non-vehicles
-Template S:5 AP:5 Assault 1
-Template S:3 AP:6 Assault 1, Rending

Death Blaster
R:18 S:5 AP:5 explosive


Toxin Sacs
ALL units may buy these. Grants Poison attacks (4+)

Adrenal Gland
ALL units may buy these. Grants Furious Charge

Spore Launcher
Big bugs only. Grants Frag granades

To-wound rolls of 6 cause the loss of all wounds instead of one

Flesh Hooks
R:6 S:5 AP- Assault 2

Toxic Blood
When the model loses a wound in assault the model causing the wound must pass an I check or lose a wound with no armor save allowed. Vehicles suffer a glancing hit on a 4+

Toxic Miasma
Enemy models in assault range pass a T check or lose one wound with normal armor saves allowed

All enemy models in assault are reduced to I:1

Chitin Upgrades
From 6+ Armor save to 2+, with several variants

A model suffering a wound tot he weapon must pass an Ld test or is killed outright. If the bearer has a pair of Boneswords the Ld test is made on 3D6.

Scything Talons
Reroll to-hit rolls of 1 in assault, models with a pair of talons reroll all failed to-hit rolls

Rending Claws
Grant Rending USR in assault

Crushing Claws
Model I is lowered to 1, +D3 Attacks

At the start of each turn the model regains a lost wound on a 6

Model counts as Jump Infantry



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