What Next?

Unlike usual, the last few months I've been between armies and in no particular rush to make another one. But recently I've been percolating some ideas.

I'm a huge fan of using models outside the GW range, and so rule #1 is that I will use whatever models catch my fancy. The downside is that an army that can't be used in tournaments is really tough to sell later down the line if that becomes necessary.

In case you're interested, here's what I'm thinking of doing:
Orcs and Goblins (not really, Mike Dunn already has a spectacular looking force)
Lizardmen (already done, though)
Slaanesh Daemons (from Rackham Dirz, entirely)
Tomb Kings (from Crocodile Games Anubis figures)
Vampire Counts (lots of models out of range, notably cairn wraiths and necromancers on foot)

Any of these armies would be a lot of fun to play. Orcs and Goblins are a bit unreliable for my taste, though.

Or maybe it's time for another 40K army. I'm thinking Orks or Tau. Or maybe Necrons!

What do you think?



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