Second Wind

The day began at 6:30am. I almost completely cleared out my Inbox. After cooking me an All American breakfast (hash browns, eggs over-medium, toast, and ice cold milk), my wife went out running errands with Willow, leaving G. and I to hang out at home. We went out to pick him up a little toy (which he naturally loves) and to get lunch and McDonald's.

This was a much-needed part-day off. I've been really sprinting this week.

Flash-back to Wednesday night. I stayed at work late and really plowed through all the work that needed to be done except maybe like twenty emails. It was totally worth it. I am working through all episodes of Red Dwarf again. After everyone has gone home is when my productivity really kicks into gear.

Anyway, once I got in to the studio I found Josephus working on some Confrontation figures. It's some really great work. He loves the figures so much he's giving them a L5-6 treatment just for kicks.

Renn is working on his Skaven, pretty much done with the first 2000 points. I have to say that he's quite a skilled painter. I really want to play against him. But I am also tired of playing just Renn. I need someone else to pony up with a painted army and get in a game. Maybe Janene will take her Dworks up against my Dark Elves. I don't think anyone wants to take on the Tzeentch Daemons after they've left two battlefields of charred corpses and not much else. I'm really excited to get in a game.

The weekly order came in: a bunch of paint (Vallejo), some brown ink, Menoth figures, and various GW stuff, all in all pretty light on the ordering this week.

We're also working on some sculpts for some Slaanesh tanks. We're working on a very custom Emperor's Children type army. More to come on that.

By the end of the day I was pretty much caught up. My main concern now is to get projects set up for January!

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