Rand Paul Money Bomb Tomorrow!

I gotta tell you... when I think of the however remote possibility that Rand Paul might run for president (or Ron Paul himself!) my heart starts racing. I would just be beyond excited. I'll definitely be chipping in for the money bomb tomorrow. What follows is a letter from Ron Paul.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

My son Rand has the status quo running scared in his race for Kentucky Senate. First, he outraised his opponent. Next, Rand took the lead in the polls. And now, the party insiders are scrambling.

We just found out that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has formed a joint fundraising committee to support Rand's opponent. These party bosses are desperate to keep Rand out of the Senate because they know he will fight against the big government, high taxes and out of control spending that they helped create. Rand can win, but he needs your help.

On Wednesday December 16th, the grassroots are holding a Money Bomb for Rand. This date is of course the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and the day we made history together by raising $6 million in one day. Please visit www.RandPaul2010.com and consider contributing whatever you are able. Every single contribution will help.

This situation reminds me of my return to Congress in 1996. A host of big name national Republicans did not want me back and came into my district to campaign for my opponent. But, with hard work and real grassroots support, I was able to win and come to Washington to fight for Liberty.

We can achieve the same type of victory for Rand if we all come together!

Again, I hope you can participate in Rand's Money Bomb on December 16th at www.RandPaul2010.com

In Liberty,

Ron Paul



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