Rematch- Orcs vs Tzeentch Daemons

As most of you have already seen, the Batrep of Orcs (Mike D.) and Tzeench Daemons (me) is up on Youtube now.

After that game, Mike wanted a rematch as soon as possible which happened about ten days later. He brought a different army list and a new mental attitude. I wish I could have recorded that game. The final score was 1811 (Tzeentch Daemons) to 1865 (Orcs). So while it was technically a draw, Mike did a LOT better than anyone so far.

Gone were the blocks of goblins and fanatics.

He brought three huge units of Orc Boyz, thirty strong for at least two of them, two Chariots, a unit of Boar Boyz and lots of Dispel Scrolls (six).

In the magic department he went with a L4 Shaman and a L2 Goblin Shaman. Each carried the max dispel scrolls for a total of six scrolls. He shut down my magic phase for the most part the first few turns of the game with those-- at the very least keeping me from casting Bolt of Change (2d6 S1d6+4 hits) and blowing things up. So, that was the first good move.

He lined up the three giant blocks of Orc Boyz straight across from me. There was a fourth block of twenty Black Orcs. By including Black Orc heroes in his blocks of boyz he kept them from bickering for the most part. He ran straight up the middle, using his other units to deal with lesser threats, and tore my giant blocks of daemons a ragged hole.

Well, that was the plan at least. I took the Icon of Eternal Despair (-2 LD to enemies within 12") and that really messed up his plans. I also happened on a dirty trick: as the enemy army closes, move that banner within 12" and land the Lord of Change behind the lines. Terror checks will drive the enemies right into the waiting jaws of the Horrors. Crunch YUM!

Mike would have done better to pair up the chariots with the main blocks of boyz for extra hitting power. Animosity and that cursed banner broke up the line.

Mike also ran a banner that gives an extra d6" charge. That would have carried the day in one case if not for a failed Fear check at a critical moment.

Another thing we found out is that a Snotling Pump wagon, though it will take hits in a forest, is really great at getting rid of lurking skirmishers. Since it can go any direction it is ideal for barreling over skirmishers hiding in a forest.

All in all, I was facing a much more powerful army: giant blocks of Boyz backed up with Orky magic and hard-hitting heroes.



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