Excerpt from End the Fed

The entire operation of the Fed (-eral Reserve) is based on an immoral principle. Congress contributes to the immorality by permitting the process to continue without any true oversight. The immorality associated with money is as much about omission as commission.

Members of Congress, when they knowingly endorse this system of fraud because of the benefits they receive, commit an immoral act. Financing spending in an irresponsible manner, through Fed action or future debt burdens, provides immediate political benefits to politicians.

Congress, though, is a reflection of the people. If the problem was seen as a moral problem and the people were to demand morality in money from their representatives in government, the process would end. But the people endorse the system because they have requested and expect government to provide benefits that can't be provided any other way. Transferring wealth is limited when taxes and borrowing are the only tools the politicians can use. Printing money is required.

Comment: I like that this is traced back to the People. It's a thought that has been occurring to me with increasing frequency.



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