Another day in Paradise. As usual I am actively engaged in setting up projects in this case for January.

A few days back there was quite a blizzard. I'd say about a foot of snow which has now hardened into ice and icicles. It's below freezing.

We are refinancing our home. The mortgage company we are currently with kept faxing blank paper to the new company thus delaying the transaction and squeezing one final payment out of us. My wife had to drive all the way to Salt Lake, babes in arms, to actually stand there while they did it right. Pathetic.

I got to go up against the Skaven again. In the first game I was routed hideously. The second game was as close as a game ever is, a mere 40 point difference in score.

I took the kids out for pizza. Willow ate the toppings off about three pieces, contentedly picking off each varied-color type. I expect her crap to look like confetti tomorrow morning. She is a mild baby, and a delight to take out in public. This excursion was for the purpose of giving my wife a few hours peace.

The studio is like a furious machine, pistons churning. Projects are turning out just fabulously, the whole standard of quality surging forwards. Assembly is nearly caught up, which is a mighty rarity.

We are especially interested in getting some larger models on the docket. I'm thinking Forge World titans of any type, larger vehicles, super-heavies and the like.



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