Reflecting Pool

Last night and this morning there was a ton of projects to get out in time for Christmas. It was the most monumental ship-out in the history of the company. But we're past that.

BTP is woefully underbooked for January. This is not due to lack of projects necessarily. It's because the studio is pumping like an eight-piston engine. It's outstanding. So we're standing by to get it done.

The quality of work has never been better. In the heart of every artist is a desire to please the client, to make something that will be loved. The crew is dedicated, without ego, and with a good will.

In other news, my mom is in town for the week. That's a blast from the past. She hasn't been out for four years. We've gone to Oregon almost every year, but not vice versa. The whole family headed up north to Salt Lake. We dropped mom off at the genealogical library. The family then headed to the zoo. Ah, the zoo in winter. And what could make that better? Trying to take a family photo in front of the zebras. The fun of ice cold weather combined with the fun of trying to get all the kids to look in the same direction.

I was a complete bear the entire trip. I don't travel well. The farther away from home I get, the more antsy I become. It's a great bit of consternation to poor Tamie, who hopes to travel in our old age. My idea of a good time is to order a pizza. Oh, sure, I love short range trips, perhaps to a neighboring city, but there's no place like home. You might call me "indoorsy".

The cavemen didn't come down out of the mountains and build all these houses so I could go camping. I respect their memory by eating in front of the TV.

Willow travels well, and will watch the trees slide by on the window for hours. She has started making this really cute baby dinosaur noise and will smile broadly when I call back to her in the same tone. Tamie bought me this lumberjack type jacket and Willow just loves to ride inside of it, facing me, but with head turned so just her eyes are peeping out above the flannel. Today I noticed that she has two upper front teeth budding. No wonder she's been tearing through her food so rapidly. She's voracious. She downed half a spinach omelet and a fist-sized pod of hash-browns left over from breakfast while we were on the road.

Anyway, the whole trip was a fiasco. Downtown Salt Lake was crowded to the gills. Even after finding a parking spot (the lots were full) we couldn't find a restaurant without at least an hour wait, this with four young kids in tow, all hungry, needing to take a whiz. There was this gal selling candy canes for "donations" which I thought was a pretty sweet racket; all nice and legal, cash only. I like that about a zillion times more than panhandling which seems so dubious and parasitic.

At temple square two sister missionaries (mongolian?) happened by and I said (rather loudly) "you guys are RADIANT!" but from the curious looks on their faces I think they thought I had shouted an insult. Temple Square was an absolute paradise. I highly recommend, especially during Christmas-time, but go on a week day when it's not so crowded.

We ended up driving ten miles south, packed like sardines in the car, to Draper and eating at Chuck-a-rama all you can eat buffet. Comfort food as far as the eye could see. Yum. Though I think the bus-guy misunderstood me when he asked if there was something he could get us and I responded "yes, a vomit spoon and a bucket." I meant that the food was so good I could go for another round.

At last we reached home and I was able to have a glass of milk and put on my pajamas.

At this moment it's 3am and I'm up, feeling rested. My 10-year-old daughter is up with me watching Fraggle Rock.



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