Last Few Days

That's some good Willow-happiness. I love my baby.

So, what's on Shawn's mind?

Christmas was just a laze-about fest. My Angel Wife composed everything masterfully as usual, making sure stockings were stuffed and reindeer food was out in the front lawn. We bought a Wii Fit for Christmas and that was about all we did for the following three days. That was our major family gift that we saved up for.

The End.

OK, there's more. Here are some of the details that make life so complex...

In our ward there's a whole lot of exchange of sweets, plates of cookies and the like, so the kitchen has about a dozen plates of various goodies. My wife makes jumbo pretzel sticks with frosting and sprinkles. My favorite one was white cookies with m&ms and lots of butter.

On Saturday I got cracking again down at the studio. There are a ton of bills/obligations to clear up before the end of the month so that's like a slab of lead on my brain. In the afternoon Renn finally showed up and we had our inevitable showdown of Skaven vs Dark Elves. 2200 points. I'd say it was the best game of Warhammer ever, but there might be a better one that I just don't remember. I took plenty of video for that. Should have something up on Monday.

Sunday was a delight as usual. I put a moratorium on all media in the morning. We played boardgames and cooked breakfast together. Well, me and the boys at first. I made french toast and scrambled eggs with ham.

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