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I would encourage anyone who reads this to purchase and read "End the Fed" by Ron Paul. It is an excellent book. It costs about $13.00 through

Ron Paul's Son, Rand Paul is running for Senate in Kentucky. I encourage any Kentuckians who read this blog to seriously watch that race, donate to Rand Paul's campaign (if you think it worthy) and vote.

I have a few ideas:
You vote also with your wallet by making campaign contributions. It doesn't have to be a lot. Many of these "men of the people" rely on grassroots support. For example, there's a "money bomb" for Rand Paul coming up in December. I plan on chipping in for that.

Every time government expands you lose control of your life. Maybe you don't run your life very well, but that's beside the point. At minimum, through various payroll taxes, the Federal Government controls at least 20% of your money. Fact: You don't decide where that money goes, someone else does. That means that someone who lives until age 80 will have spend SIXTEEN YEARS in what is effectively forced labor for government programs. Now maybe that money came back to them in the form of benefits, and maybe the administrators of those programs are enlightened beings who have the welfare and interests of their fellow-men pulsing warmly within their hearts, but the fact is that the citizen didn't get to choose.

What is it called when it's 100%?

What is it called when it's 0%?

What percentage would it need to be for you to say "waitaminit"? For me it's 0%.

If government spending were brought back to 1997 levels, the payroll tax could be abolished and replaced with NOTHING. That would mean no IRS, no income tax, no filing (which I view as a financial strip-search: how is it the Feds business what I'm spending my money on?)

Just for the record: I am a firm, firm believer in paying taxes, and paying them completely. If anything I err on the side of paying too much. But not for the reason you might think. I plan on writing an article about that later. Basically, I believe there is spiritual power in the Christian principle of turning the other cheek.

I hear about citizens cheating on their taxes. What is it called when the government cheats the citizens with mis-use of tax money? Who goes to jail then?

I believe the real problem is not with corrupt officials but with the lack of vigilance on the part of the voters. Yes, me. I'm to blame. All those years of apathy.



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