Rallying Cry

It is very late almost midnight. I am still clearing backlog from Adepticon, but should be caught up early tomorrow. I am very actively setting up commissions for April, I'm ready to go.

We started converting up Space Hulk terminators into a squad of 1x Sanguinary Priest, 3x Thunder Hammer, and 2x Lightning Claw. And a Land Raider Redeemer. Those will be up for sale. I have bought Space Hulk sets with the intent of scavenging the Termies out of them for use in conversion work for the upcoming Blood Angels.

I went to a Mike Lee town hall tonight, spending about two hours in the process with plenty of recording and notes which I plan on organizing in some form. I took J. with me. I must say it was a most pleasant experience. I feel so connected to the process now, I really like it. I have a lot of work to do before the May 8 caucus.



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