Canned and Dry Goods

I had a dream the other night that I was looking at a map of the US, particularly the mid-west near the Canadian border. On the map were the borders of counties. They were being blacked out one by one, just like water seeping into paper, from the north. A person next to me explained that it was a drop in food production and that soon there would be not enough to go around.

I'm not saying there's anything to it. Most of the time dreams are just an opportunity to look at the waking world in a different way.

It made me think about my own food storage and how to shore it up. In the last year I've been thinking of what a safe store of value would be. Common men like me really don't have a lot to invest in a hard commodity like gold or silver. But we can invest in canned goods or other types of long-term store-able food and supplies (yes, I like to hyphenate where not necessary). This is a great investment because it holds value while still be usable in a pinch. Even if there is not a famine, you might lose your job.

It is my belief that regular investments are not safe anymore. Additionally, the TRILLIONS ($1,000,000,000,000) being created by enormous deficits (current and former administration by the by) has yet to begin to circulate fully through the banking system. That's where the money supply is going to explode. So, the old stereotype of the crustified geezer hoarding his coins in his mattress is going to turn into the new stereotype of the smart young person who changed his cash into commodities (re: billboards for cash4gold everywhere).

This is as simple as buying a flat of durable goods every time you visit the grocery store and stowing them in garage or under bed. Most stores have blocks of this type of goods next to the door. Remember to buy food you like.

Mormons are counseled to keep a year's supply of food on hand. And if not, then to build it up incrementally. This is wise even if there is not an emergency. It also has the beneficial effect (if embraced by a society generally) of making them shock resistant. Creating shortages of food is a classic way for a government to bring its population to heel and make them give in to demands they would not normally give in to. It is a shield for your human rights.



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