Big Day

I went home early from work today. Like 3pm. I was dead dog tired. But once at home I couldn't fall asleep. My eyes hurt. Not helping that I watched TV all afternoon and didn't get a lick of work in.

I recently came into possession of three Starcraft 2 beta keys. I gave them out to staffers. I'm like five years "clean" from video games. I'm not about to lose ground now. I got to keep the business humping along. You heard me.

So, if you're waiting for a response from me, don't worry, I'll be really burning it up tomorrow.

On Monday I finished a Batrep of Tyranids vs Tau. It was one of the best games of 40K that I've ever had. It's a real nailbiter. I got it all on tape. And you can't tell who's going to win until the last possible moment. I think I got my act together with the Tyranids now.

I'm ready to play Renn. Oh, it's on now. That game will not be televised. We just need to power through.

BTP is currently taking projects for April. We are ready to go. If you fancy a Tyranid army I have models on hand to make one! We can get started straitaway.

The logjam is cleared now. We are back on track.



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