Hodge Podge Soup

It's Saturday. It started raining in the morning, making me yearn for Oregon. A heavy raid with drops the size of marbles. But then it turned into white slushie flakes.

I spent the morning with the kids, playing with them, especially Willow. She loves to dive and tromp around mommy's bed. She's a creature of habit and likes her things already a certain way. She makes three downloads in the early day, almost like clockwork (10am, 11am and 2pm). Too much information?

We are keeping the bathroom doors closed on account of her new interest in the tiny "wading pools" she has discovered around the house.

My wife took out our son J. for a mommy-son date. He was so sick in the afternoon we had to take him to the emergency room. We feared appendicitis but the doctor thinks it's a virus and we're going to just keep an eye on him. Kids and Cars. Between them I'll be sent to the poor house.

I met with a friend of the studio, Josh, around 1pm or so for a game of 40K. Points level is 2250 Tyranids vs Tau. We're on turn three, but had to quit out early (on account of the emergency room thing). We'll finish on Monday. Batrep should be up later this week.

For dinner I had a flatbread with chickpea hummus all rolled up with a fat sprig of sauteed asparagus, beet greens, and small slices of kiwi. It was really outstanding. I'm getting turned on to a whole new spectrum of good foods.



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