Mike Lee Rally Saturday

If you live local you'll want to look into this.

Hello Everyone, My apologies to those who have already received a similar email from me, but I just wanted to let as many people as possible know that Mike will be holding a rally in Provo this Saturday. Please invite as many friends and neighbors as you can to come. This will be a great opportunity for them to meet with Mike, ask him questions, and learn about his positions on the issues that are important to our state and nation. With caucus meetings just around the corner, we need to give as many people as we can the opportunity to hear from Mike. Here are the details: Saturday, March 20 7:00 - 9:00 pm Spring Hill Suites 1580 North Freedom Boulevard, Provo Thanks so much for all of your support - with your help, Mike will be Utah's next senator! --
Jennifer James
Volunteer Coordinator

Here's an email I got from a good freedom-loving friend of mine:

Mike Lee is the best candidate running for Senate in Utah right now.
I have met with him several times and asked him some tough questions.
His responses were Constitutionally based and further, were based on
correct principles of freedom and liberty.

One of my friends, Connor Boyack is one of Mike Lee's leading
supporters. He set up his web site and is managing several aspects of
his campaign. No candidate is perfect because we are human, but
getting Mike Lee in over Bennet, Bridgewater, Eager, etc. will be a
nice step forward.

-- SMA



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