Heart of Hell Battle Report: Tyranids Redux

I finished my game against the Space Marines. I won't say who won since I have a ton of footage for a Batrep. However, I do have some insights.

First off, I did a lot better when more cognizant of synapse range. I recommend double coverage. Two shepherds per flock.

Hormagaunts are the stars of the show. Even with T3 and 6+ save and duty as bullet-eaters on the front line, they almost invariably have models left at the end. They shred through terrain and speed along like ground-bound jump-packers. They put on the pressure and keep your opponent on the back heel. A wall of bodies.

Onward my little zerglings!

Tervigon makes about twenty gaunts on an average day. That's 100 points worth. She's a winner just for that.

Regeneration is a break-even prospect. It's been six games and it just never really helps that much. Spend that 100 points on a 15-strong flock of Gargoyles or something else.

Giant creatures with T6 W6 3+ save still get evaporated. The 41st millennium is a very, very dangerous place. They aren't as tough as you might think.

Tyrannofex is pretty cool. The rupture cannon can really reach out and touch someone. Still 265 pts is a pretty penny.

I predict that Mycetic Spores haven't come into vogue due to the lack of a model. Once that is remedied you will see lists with ten or more of them. Six inches on the ripper tentacles isn't that far, but when a corner is seething with them it gets real dangerous.

Space Marine snipers are very bad news for monstrous creatures. If you're fighting tyranids I recommend at least ten of them.

Hive Guard really are all that. Same for Deathleaper. There's just a psychological effect to the enemy general losing d3 Leadership at the beginning of the game. No saving throw.

I am thinking of adding thirty more hormagaunts. Or thirty Gargoyles. I'd love to see a flock or two of those in action. However, I see them more as troubleshooters, to get where needed in a jiffy and take out light opposition, rather than as massed shock troops.



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