Hive Tyrant Emergent

Got a Hive Tyrant put together today. The limbs are permanently attached. I see no reason not to run him as a ranged item when there are mono-use organisms that do this ever so well (eg Hive Guard).

I got him with a Lash Whip and Bonesword. On the lower set a pair of scything talons with the smallest set from the Mawloc and they look GREAT! Tyrant Guard are coming.

It's tough to compose a force right. I'm just now getting the hang of it. First off, if it's random mission then there are certain possibilities. It's good to have units that have options, for example, Raveners can Deep Strike OR they can just deploy normally. A Hive Tyrant with Hive Commander as an ability allows one unit of Troops to outflank. Well, what could that be? Pick one depending on your foe: Tervigon, giant brood of Hormagaunts, Tyranid Warriors?

In terms of deployment there's Pitched Battle and Spearhead (whole army on the board from the get-go) or Dawn of War (HQ + 2x Troops on board the rest coming on from Reserve). It's the last one that is tricky for Tyranids. Even fast-moving HTH types are going to get absolutely shot up coming across the board. As I found out against Imperial Fists, even the lowly Tac Squad can burn up a horde of gribblies. Again, it's good to have lots of options. What about a force with almost 100% option (ie most units have options for deployment).

I think Tyranids have a lot of options when it comes to disruption. It's not all frontal assault. Part of the force has to be dedicated to distraction, ambush, and quick maneuvers. Deathleaper is good at this. But geez this stuff is expensive.

It's the only army list where I wish I had ten Troops choices! There's a lot of good stuff in there. Nevermind Elites. I want five choices there!



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