The Results May Suprise You

Pic: venomthrope (not painted by BTP).

Armies being played at Adepticon:

Daemonhunters = 0
Necrons = 2
Witch Hunters = 5
Dark Eldar = 5
Tau = 8
Eldar = 9
Daemons = 13
Orks = 14
Space Wolves = 21
Tyranids = 21
Chaos Space Marines = 26
Imperial Guard =39
Space Marines = Still King at 40

I was surprised to see Tyranids come in fourth. I suppose that it takes a while to get them together. Tyranid armies had the following in them generally: Tervigons, Trygons, Mawlocs, Hormagaunts, Tyrannofex, Doom of Malan'tai, Hive Guard. Mostly the new stuff. One or two spore pods. I think the Doom/Pod combo was popular.

Lots of Thunderwolf Cavalry. All sorts of conversions for that. Not very many Eldar armies.

Almost all Guard armies were transport and vehicle heavy. "Leaf Blower Junior"?



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