It is now 3am. I have a game vs Tau later today. That will be televised.

I had another Tervigon made up for the Mesa Nids. I decided to go with a Tervigon Gamma, more like the one in the book. Didn't think I would like it, but the assembly guys really came up with something great.

After work I headed to the grocery store to pick up dinner; salmon, hummus, avocados, flat bread, and milk. No junk. I'm still on my 50% reduction in sugar. My wife grilled that up and we watched an episode of The Mentalist while the children frolicked around. J. wasn't feeling so good. We think he had too much activity and not enough drinking water.

At 3am the baby was up mewling. Poor girl. An early morning snack and I then got her back snuggled in her bed. With my first child I was out of my mind when she was up at 4am, but now ten years later with child number four it doesn't bother me even one bit. But then again, I don't have to be to work by a certain time anymore.



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