Grueling Trail and UVU Debates

Thank you for those of you who showed up to UVU's US Senate Debate! Every candidate, with the exception of Sam Granato (D), attended the debate. One hundred and thirty GOP state delegates were counted but we estimate that number to be at least 150. We didn't anticipate such a large and enthusiastic crowd to show up. We're sorry that the event went longer than we advertised and we're also sorry for those of you who had trouble finding parking or a place to sit. In the future we won't underestimate the involvement of GOP delegates!

If you couldn't attend for any reason click on the links below to watch the debate on youtube in its entirety. We had difficulties filming/editing/posting the videos so Mike Lee's campaign was generous enough to allow us to use their videos. Each candidate was given an opportunity to respond to the questions asked.

Introductory Comments Part 1

Introductory Comments Part 2

Introductory Comments Part 3

Question to Bob Bennett

Question to Scott Bradley

Question to Tim Bridgewater

Question to David Chiu

Question to Merrill Cook

Question to Cherilyn Eagar

Question to Leonard Fabiano

Question to Jeremy Friedbaum

Question to Mike Lee

Question to Christopher Stout

Closing Statements

We conducted an unannounced exit poll. While there were some who declined to participate these are the results of the nearly 200 who did:

Mike Lee: 49.4%

Cherilyn Eagar: 16.6%

Tim Bridgewater: 16.3%

Scott Bradley: 7.3%

Bob Bennett: 6.7%

Merrill Cook: 1.9%

Christopher Stout: 1%

Leonard Fabiano: .5%

Jeremy Friedbaum: .3%

David Chiu: 0%


James Davis

On Behalf of UVU's Student Government, College Republicans, & Young Americans for Liberty

Pic: me with Mike Lee (running for Senate).

Today I spent the early afternoon at a town-hall Q&A with Tim Bridgewater a Utah candidate for Senate. I took a lot of notes and recorded about 2o minutes of 70 minutes. This was at the Provo Library. This building is amazing, worthy of an entry in itself.

After work I headed straight to the R. Reagan building in Springville for a meet-and-greet with county candidates. That was about two hours. I have to say that was really keen. These are people from the immediate area with local issues. Just as friendly as could be. At this one it wasn't one person up in front, each candidate had a little table and would just talk to people in small groups as they moved about.

I have to say that I feel ever so connected to the process. It's really a relief after years of just writing about it. It's like I got on the plane and actually went somewhere rather than reading the encyclopedia.

I have a lot of footage to edit. It will contain huge stretches of just the candidate talking. And not in very good quality. I really should make an alternate channel for it.

Between that and family and work I am worn out. However, there is only one other major candidate (Cherilyn Eagar), and once I go to something substantial for her I will have the main ones done and can write a preliminary opinion.

In other news: Tamie's brother is staying with us. He has put up a US flag and a Marine Corps flag up on our flag-holder on the front porch.

For my part, I am totally bushed.



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