Zootaxy of Tyranids

As many people are thinking of having Tyranids done, I thought I would codify the options a bit. Super-important to note here that you can have your Tyranids painted any way you like. These are just established paint schemes. Recently we've developed some really good ones.

This post might be updated as time goes on and we develop new things.

Shroom Nids
It's hard to see it in the pics, but the Shroom Nids (ie mushroom nids) are pale, otherworldly and ghostly, but they have a lot of subtle colors going on. They are very alien looking, very cold and hard.

Salsa Nids
Hungry yet? The hive mind is. This color scheme is extremely striking with a yellowish green of ripe avocado and the red-orange of a sun-ripened tomato. It's a delicious combination and very striking on the battlefield.

Arctic Nids
This color scheme is frozen solid. The carapace gives the impression of solid ice. Dark talons are a stark contrast and suggest to the mind hardness and poison. The ice-work bases are extra, but you can have any type of basing style you like. I recommend Rubble.

Mesa Nids
With a jade carapace and purply-khaki-brown skin areas, these really stand out yet have a warm, organic feel to them. This is my own personal army's color. Poison is purple or lavender and hard talons are blue-grey. This type is available with slate/mesa type bases which are perfect. You can still get other base types.

Deep Nids
This is a double contrast: warm/cold and dark/light. With some purple mixed in it's a very striking contrast without being gaudy. For this scheme I recommend Battlefield or Rubble basing (not snow as they are here).

Underbrush Nids
This is one of the most evocative color schemes. It has a lot of subtle tones in there: fleshy purples and cold skintones and russet shading. This is topped off with natural vegetation for camouflage as if they are alien commandos stalking through the forest. This type is only available at a L4/5 split.

Hades Nids
This color scheme features a deep organic blackish-purple for the shell and a pale skin for the fleshy areas, accented all around with bloody veins and interior musculature. This is an older, more established type for us.

Cave Nids
This is forthcoming. It's a white skin (with brownish undertones, very pale, but slightly warm) with a black carapace.

Coral Nids
This is a tremendously striking color scheme with bluish turqoise carapace and orange-yellow. More to come on this one. I highly recommend. You will not be sorry. We have a few samples done up but pics are not forthcoming. This available only in L4/5 split (1.5x painting cost for extra detail).

Magma Nids
This is a black carapace with orange and yellow flesh. There is an extra cost to "crustify" the carapaces (this is optional) and for the lava basework. This is the most daring of all the color schemes and looks just great on the battlefield. I believe we can do a cleaner, more appealing paint job on this than we have in the past.



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