Willow Mart

A month ago Willow started walking. It was that magic moment where the baby has a wide-mouthed grin as she takes a few shaky steps, arms outstretched to me. Magic.

Now she prefers walking and has started to try dancing and running. All in just a few short weeks, begging the adage "they grow up so fast".

Yesterday at Wal Mart she was unstoppable; grinning ear to ear, making beeping-grunting "I want it" noises as she lurched down each aisle. She's my little compulsory movement chaos spawn.

Earlier this week my wife and I had our cub scouts on a field trip to the local airport. I mean the po-dunk little Spanish Fork airfield. There I found out that owning a plane is not out of reach for the common man. A little single-propeller is the same cost as a car. I then had a picture in my mind of flying a double-prop out to Adepticon: four passengers and 2oo pounds of gear. Well, it's fun to dream, anyway.

Last night I went to a Mike Lee rally. It wasn't at all like some other rallies I've been to: full of slogans to whip up the crowd. It was calm, collected. Here's a guy who doesn't want to go up and "do" something, but rather go up with a pair of pruning shears. That one man won't be in bondage to another. I could go on about that, but I'll leave that for another post.

My car died again yesterday. Another round of car repairs. And the timing couldn't be worse.

Last night I managed to suppress my gag reflex long enough to watch New Moon with my wife. Pathetic.



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