New Day

First off, my son J. is just fine. He is feeling a ton better. Tamie stayed home with the kids on Sunday, letting me have an invigorating trip to church by myself for a few hours of quiet contemplation.

I managed to paint up 1x Tervigon (gamma), 10x Genestealers, 10x Termagants.

Also got those four armies on the block:

Dark Elves (4000+ pts) $1850

Oceanic Eldar (3000+ pts) $1850

Imperial Fists (1980 pts) $850

Space Wolves (1750 pts) $850

I still have the Lord of the Rings stuff for $150

You can pick up both Oceanic/Dark Elves for $3500 or both SM armies for $1500. Two-fer.

Ron Paul Fix



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