Heart of Hell Battle Report: Setup

I'm up against Josephus and his 2000 pt Space Marine army. I'm playing the Mesa Nids of course. That's Thursday March 11.

Both of us are very keen on making up our own missions so we're doing a game with table quarters. In each quarter, in the exact center is an objective. And a fifth one in the center of the table. Any unit counts as scoring (this is to be fair to J. who has only two Troops units while I am likely to have six or more).

Deployment is Spearhead (quarters).

Victory Points are being used Warhammer Fantasy style; a 200 pt unit is worth 200 pts (100 if half or more destroyed). Vehicles and multi-wound creatures are worth half if half incapacitated.

The objectives are worth points as follows: the objective in one's own deployment zone is worth 100. The Neutral quarters are worth 200, and the center objective is worth 300 pts.

We're playing on the trenchworks board of course.

The battle will be televised.



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