Jeweled Treasure

This is a collection of miniatures I've had stowed away for a few years now. It was a concept army I came up with. It uses mainly Heru from Crocodile Games. They are hawk-headed egyption type warriors. Then using other kits from GW (notably High Elf plastics and Cities of Death bitz) I created this Heru Sky Raiders force.

More pics.

It consists of:
2x Mages
2x Sky Chariots
10x Skyboard Riders (cavalry)
2x Skyboard Heroes
2x Bolt Throwers and crew
3x fillers (mage paraphernalia)
19x Spearmen (with shields and bows)
30x Archers
2x Giant Desert Hawks

This is obviously highly converted, highly themed. I loved this army. But it's time to move on. It's on the block for $950. That includes shipping in the US and to select other countries (eg Australia, Europe).



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