Spikey Steel Boots

How do you like that Ork Nob? This is part of a set recently completed. I really like how it turned out. So much that I thought I would give the Ork Nob list a try. It goes something like this:
Step 1
Gather the following:
Three units of ten Nobz on foot.
Two Warbosses on foot (this makes two of the three Nobz units Troops).
Three Battlewagons.

(it has recently come to my attention that this is not a legal list due to max 1 Warboss per army; well even better, mix in one unit of grotz as a distraction, add a Mekboy with kustom force field, and the army is even better)

Just to let you know, two warbosses are legal. It was the previous codex where they were not.

Step 2
Take giant spiked boot and crush heads.

Three battle wagons is a tough nut to crack with AV13. Since they are open-topped the Nobz can jump out and charge on turn 2. They can take a hit and keep coming from A) wound allocation shenanigans, B) a Painboy that gives Feel No Pain.

As for hitting power, the Nobz have a tremendous amount of specialization with combi-weapons, flamers, power klaws and so forth.

All this stuff is on order and should be completely done and ready to roll in a few weeks.

Would you like a Nobz Army? I've got it on special for $850 (35 models listed that total over 2000 pts) everything included. This includes conversion work and some magnetization. Limited qty and time offer. If you put down the $425 deposit by this Friday I can guarantee completion by January 30 ($50 penalty if not).



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