Anybody Else?

Thank goodness for Sunday! Or else I would never slow down. I get a sense of desperation on Saturday evening, like Oh Man I'm running out of time to get work done!

It takes the morning to wind down.

What can I say about today? I took a long walk down to the edge of the plateau and looked out over the valley: vast rectangles of deep lush green crops surrounded by copses of flame-colored trees. There's a little cul-de-sac where dirt and leaf compost have formed a bed for lanky sprawling sunflowers. The weather was perfect; overcast for the most part, with the sun spraying down into the valley, and just warm enough to get me to take off my sweater.

It was at that moment that the last strings of the knots in my mind came loose and I was able to relax. I'm getting overly worked up about things.

I blew the afternoon snuggling with me kids, playing a little space hulk with the boys, and watching Discovery Channel.



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