Pots and Pans

The Fateweavers second incarnation is well underway. The models need to be plated (for magnetized trays) and textured. I made some really demented freak-jobs, even more outlandish than the last set.

The vulture demon from ultraforge showed up.

Brigh was working on a concept piece for Kairos Fate Weaver. But it didn't turn out so well. So, we're taking another shot at it tomorrow.

The Blue Scribes are going to find themselves in a different incarnation as well.

Let's talk about the studio Vampire Counts. I wasn't successful in selling it off at the "no fuss" price so I'm going to really take it up a notch. Here's what's up with that:
1) I sold the Lich Dragon, almost by accident, but I have parts on hand to make another one. It is really an imposing figure in the background. However, I don't like those huge-normous figures because they unbalance any army of less than 3000 points.
2) Adding ten Dire Wolves.
3) Adding six Black Knights converted from Tomb Guard.
4) Adding six Cairn Wraith conversions (we did a little test run about a year back, now it's time to make some more).
5) Adding a LOAD of zombies mixed and matched with other kits (like empire infantry) to make each one unique. I'm thinking at least sixty.
6) Adding one Wight King conversion, mounted.

Pretty sure that pushes is up above 3000 pts. All the materials are in, the assembly is about half done. The zombies is the big thing that's left. I might just take it on myself.

For 40K I've got some Death Korps in trade. They're too good and too cool not to do up as a studio army. It's about seventy infantry, six of those quad guns, a huge tractor gun (?), some heavy weapons. It just needs some tanks. Yes, oh, yes, some tanks.

There's more. The Oceanic Eldar are coming back!

The Vampire Counts are being done with the intention of selling them, so look for that later.



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