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Today was an furious steaming train of activity. Sound and fury. So busy with work and kids.

Ten years ago the former owners of our home decided that a good carpet for the family room would be deep pile shag. White shag. I always thought it was a pale brownish-grey. So, we saved up and finally after five years got that demonic rug out and some new stuff in. It's so nice. It smells clean and is short, soft and luxurious. So nice for baby to crawl around on. It's like massaging a butch grizzly.

Haven't seen the dentist in three years. But I have new carpet.

I've made a goal to get up ten videos a week, and to put something new in the For Sale section of the website every day. At least one thing. Today I put up my custom Aeronautica Imperialis Tyranid fleet.

BTP For Sale section.

I have recently discovered Jim Gaffigan. I recommend you do, too. He's a hilarious comedian. I've tried ripping off a few of his bits (waitaminit...) but I can't do it half as good as him. Here's my fave routine.

The other HUGE news is that four (FOUR) sets of the Space Hulk came in completed. I have one (ONE) set left for sale. One. Don't be left crying.

Me so tie-red.



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