Oceanic Eldar Redux

Last Saturday I played a game of 40K with Renn. I have about an hour of footage that I need to edit.

As for my list, I would have liked to take some different units but I didn't have them. I would have dropped the Vypers and taken Fire Dragons. Reason being that Deathguard don't die well to anything that does not cause instant death. Fire Dragons are the bactine for the pustulent cyst that is Deathguard.

I will be painting up twenty Fire Dragons in the near future. They're already on order.

Although Renn was afraid of them, the Fire Prisms were not as effective as I hoped.

I would also drop Mind War. Getting into that 18" range was just always a little too dangerous. I would have taken Fortune instead. A Farseer with Spirit Stones can use two powers a turn, so having a third just in case the base two (Doom and Guide).

And three more War Walkers are coming.

I plan, in the future, to run the Dire Avengers on foot, and two units of Fire Dragons in the Wave Serpents. No Vypers. They look great, but they just do not have the punch they need.



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