Trade-in Rates for Late October and November

Here are the trade-in rates for early Fall 2009. I'm offering service credit in trade for models.
Read this completely as I have recently improved several aspects of this program. Notably: I am now trading in army books. Also, you do not need to figure out the retail prices of your trade-in items.
NEW: we are also accepting as trade armies that BTP painted. The trade value will be much higher since it will account for the value of assembly/painting.
We will also pay cash. After the models arrive we'll paypal you the agreed amount. The rate is generally $0.15 on the dollar (fifteen percent of retail).
You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market (local shop, ebay) on your own. However, the advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot of hassle (e.g. finding various buyers, setting up payment, lots of minor questions).
If you want to trade in, we need a list of what you have. You do NOT need to calculate the retail value, but it helps. Please tell me the condition (e.g. new in box, new on sprue, assembled, primed). The rates below are a multiplier. If the entry says 0.30 it means you would get $30 for $100 worth of retail items. Just take the retail total and multiply it by the number. You do not need to figure this out; you can just send in your list of stuff to .
I just know there's someone who goes out to their garage, surveys the mass of unpainted models, sighs then turns out the light. This program will hopefully allow someone with the "white primer horde" to finally show up with a painted army. As an added bonus, your models will get a good home where they will be painted and loved.
We don’t need painted figures. Exception: if they only have a little bit done with them; not too thick, not too many layers. Primed models are OK, again not too thick. NEW: If you send painted models and they are un-useable because the paint/primer is on too thick, the trade value reverts to 0.10 (it's actually almost zero). If this is the case I will inform you and you'll have the option to get your models back.
You can also get a credit of at least $10 to help with your shipping costs. NEW: I will add this automatically as part of the quote.
If you want to trade-in figures, but don't have a project ready, that's OK, I will confirm your total and then you will have it on tap for when you want to use it.
This trade-in is recorded as a payment on your project. It is non-refundable except at our discretion (eg you can’t refuse the project and then get your trade-in amount refunded as cash). Trade-in can be applied to cost of models, assembly or painting as you wish. This means you can also just get models sent to you (this is limited to models that are commonly available, eg not Forge World).
Generally, we only need in-print models that are currently in production. . These rates and conditions may change so it is recommended to check in every once in a while. I am likely to update the numbers about once a month. The plan right now is to update every first of the month. Fairness is the guiding principle.
. Forge World 0.70
. Army books $8 credit (must be current edition, no OOP)
. Assault on Black Reach Models:
Complete set of orks $9 credit
Complete set of space marines $9 credit
Space Marine Dreadnought $5 credit
Small rulebook $4 credit
Template sprue (complete) $2 credit
. 40K 0.40
. Warhammer Fantasy 0.40
. Hordes 0.30
. War Machine 0.30
. Battlefleet Gothic 0.20
. Lord of the Rings 0.15

Please note that some armies might net more or less. Send me the list and I'll tell you what's up.



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