CONQUEROR rough notes


Normal Play for Skirmish

The game is played using the normal rules for Warhammer Fantasy, but with every unit counting and moving as a little hero.

1. Beginning of the Turn

A. Use Items

B. Recovery

2. Movement

3. Magic

4. Ranged

5. Close Combat

6. End of the Turn

A. Withdraw

Combined Fire

A unit of five or more of the same ranged weapon (same entry type in the army list) that also has a unit champion can form a line of fire. This effectively becomes a unit. They re-roll missed shots.


Models with a single wound are considered expendables. These are the henchmen; the red shirts. When they die, they die and are removed from play.

At the end of every meta-game turn you may receive reinforcements depending on your influence and what is going on in the game.


Regular troopers can become champions in the course of the game story. This is GM initiative.

Ganging Up

Each model’s base only has four sides. It can only be engaged by two models per side. Models with a larger base edge can have more than one model attacking as long as they fit entirely. However, models can only attack if they have their full base edge in contact—no partials or diagonals.


A model can disengage from close combat by using a normal move without penalty.

Exception: if the model is the only other model in the combat from it’s side then every model that it disengages from gets a free strike. This is resolved immediately, before the model is actually moved.

Running Away

At the end of your turn you may voluntarily end the game by Running Away.

At the end of the turn, check to see if half the wounds in your warband have been killed. If so, your Hero may make a leadership test to make them keep fighting for another turn. Otherwise they Run Away and the game ends.


A Hero may issue two orders a turn. Cannot be used on himself.

1. Get back up! Use any time an expendable is killed. On a 4+ the model is not killed but retains one wound.

2. Keep Fighting! Use any time your main Hero dies. Your warband keeps fighting for one more turn.

3. Courage! Use any time a member of your warband (other than the hero) fails a Leadership check. You may re-roll it (once).

4. Shake it off! Use during the recovery phase when a model in the warband fails a recovery check.

A Champion may issue one order a turn. He may only issue them to a model of similar type (ie the same army list entry) within 12”.

1. Take Aim! Use any time one of your warband is about to make a ranged attack. You may re-roll a miss.

2. Strike Now! Use any time one of your warband is about to make a close combat attack. You may re-roll that one attack.


A wizard can cast spells just like the rulebook says. However, there are no “common” dice either for dispel or casting. Effectively, unless you have a wizard there is usually no way to stop a successful spell. Spells will have a different effect once we start playing the game at normal point levels (ie 1000 pts or higher).


A fate token can be burned at the end of a game to ensure that the central Hero survives.

A fate token can be burned to re-roll a single roll (die or group of dice).

You get a Fate token at the beginning of every board scenario—sometimes more.


No penalty for shooting at a single target.

No break tests.


Object of the game

The game progresses through three stages during which your band of heroes will grow in power and stature, and gather an army to lead into epic battle.

Only mortal armies are allowed. The following armies are disallowed No mounts.

  • Stranger in a Strange Land: Personal Power and heroic companions
  • Gathering Storm: Getting Followers and an arsenal of magic
  • Final Battles: fighting full enemy armies and killing enemy heroes

Each player needs a war chest which will hold his resources.

Gold and Silver

Gold can be used to buy magic items, and also hire mercenaries.


One point of influence will attract 100 points of followers. This is above and beyond any attached heroes.

One influence token can be burned to re-roll a leadership test during a game.

A Hero gets one influence token per game played and won. Sometimes two.

A Hero with fifteen influence tokens can be upgraded to a Lord. After this, he can’t burn Fate tokens if it would bring him below fifteen.


A fate token can be burned at the end of a game to ensure that the central Hero survives.

A fate token can be burned to re-roll a single roll (die or group of dice).

In the Beginning: Formation

Pick a Hero and weaponry. You have 200 points to spend. No magic items. Just regular equipment. You may buy henchmen individually.

You will go through three adventures where you will gain followers. Other characters who will join your band, and later lead your army.





Hidden Cenote (leads to Caves) Undead

Black Cenote


Greater Runestones

Lost City


Deep Jungle


Shipwreck City

Blue Finger

Shore of Bones

West, North, East, and South Shore


Dwarven Cliff City (desert)

Dwarven Caravans

City of Wrecked Ships (human)


Crystal Caverns

Outer caves

Deep caves (goblins here)

Mushroom Farms


Edge of the Desert

Deep Desert

Baravon’s Oasis

Wretched Tower

The Vulture’s Gate



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