Put on Your Red Shoes

Oh, my what a past few days it's been. I've been up at around 6am each morning and diving in head first.

Let's start with last night. G (my four-year old son) was with me at the office for a little bit, then fell asleep on the way home. He woke up again at 8pm and stayed up until 2am.

My wife and I watched some Seinfeld then Proposal with Sandra Bullock (you had me at "Bullock"). She's one of my faves. That was romantic. But then the baby was up until all hours. So, we were pretty sleep deprived. Well, my wife was. I slept through the whole ordeal. That was romantic?

Today at the studio we had three more sets of Space Hulk come through, just as beautiful as the first run. I found some sets at a local shop. I have five more sets in stowage.

Details on Space Hulk Here

The bulk of the second wave for Fateweavers is done. I still have to convert the Heralds, basically. That's the hard part. Over seventy Horrors for that one. It looks great. No pics yet. Still working on the details.

I am setting up projects for completion in November and December. I'm at your disposal for any matter.

You can even set up an army completely over the phone: I can help you set up your army list, decide what to include, make the quote, take your painting specs by dictation and take a credit card by phone. I also like checks and MO.

Today I raced home at 3pm to help my wife, relieving her of duty and letting her sleep. There's nothing I love more than to be in the living room in the sweet bosom of my family. I'm currently watching Arthur and the Invisibles with my kids. It got terrible reviews, but I liked it. The animation and art was extremely evocative. I thought it was a decent story. Certainly great for the kids.

There are two very obscure references for the title of this post. Can you guess them?



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