I woke up this morning bright and early. My ten year old daughter, K, was up before the crack of dawn watching TV. She gets herself ready for school, laying out her clothes the night before. She's ever so responsible. Unlike her father. I slept in (well I guess if you call getting up at 8am sleeping in) and had to drive the kids to school. They got there on time.

I arrived at the studio parking lot at almost the exact same time as Sarah. She was still preening herself in her car. We got cracking on the day's work. Three more packages of Space Hulk, each with custom foam, got out today. We ordered specialty boxes of just the right size. I still have five copies of Space Hulk on hand for clients who may want to get their painted copy of this soon to be discontinued game.

The big news is that I picked up an Eldar Type ii Cobra super-heavy Grav Tank. And a Scorpion Type ii Scorpion super-heavy Grav Tank. Both exquisite Forge World models, only $160 each if you want to commission either of them.

The studio Dark Elves army now has two gorgeous Hydras, absolutely beautiful creatures they are. I can't wait to play them in a game.

This coming week, we are working on two huge tank projects, including an inquisitorial Warhound.

As usual, I'm ready to book any project. Let's roll!



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