Salamanders on the block- 3000 pts

Got this army up for sale.

Full information here

This is the "no fuss" price, just to give it a good home in good time.

Just the materials retail for over $950. Also comes with all the custom-fitted foam. Ready to ship out.

Extensive conversions and magnetization.

Forge World doors.

Easily in excess of 3000 points.

Salamanders Army
1x Librarian
1x Chaplain
1x Vulkan
64x Infantry (10x sternguard conversions with salamander cloaks included) Approx. 40x magnetized arms
5x Terminators CC
3x Rhinos
3x Drop pods
2x Razorbacks
2x Vindicators
2x Predators
1x Land Raider (magnetized options for 2-3 variants)
3x Quad-style Attack bikes (magnetized weapon options)
1x Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine
2x Dreadnoughts

= $1790 plus $9 ship in US

Pics (note that some rework has subsequently been done-- but this gives the general idea)

Sternguard Bolters x10
Close Combat Weapons x2
Jump Packs x1
Power Fists x1
Meltagun x8
Power Weapon x3
Plasma Pistol x3
Combi Flamer x4
Combi Melta x1
Bolt Pistol x1

This is approximately what is in there. There are about 38 extras, all magnetized.

There are about ten heavy weapons, mostly multi-meltas, just fixed pose. Predators not magnetized; they can later have sponsons magnetized if you want. Razorbacks switch between HB and TLLC. Dreads are not magnetized at all, except to the base for transport. Those could be magnetized if you wanted to do that as a separate project.

Sabol is the case you'd need. I have one on hand for $120 that it will all fit in. If you pick up the army by Friday I'll just include that no charge.

Infantry includes:
2x heavy flamers
2x heavy bolters
4x plasma cannons
2x multi melta
4x meltas
1x plasma rifle
3x missile launcher

3x sergeants with no arms (for the magnetized parts)
2x sergeants with power fists
11x Sternguard with one magnetized arm (for a rifle-type weapon) These could also be sgts.
23x with just regular bolters

The quad attack bikes have two options each.



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