Bella Luna

The joy of our lives is Willow. Today she spilled a few tablespoons of water from a cup on to my desk. She reaches up there over the back of the couch in our family room. She was patting that water and sputtering and coo-ing with delight.

We also caught her trying to get up the steps. With mommy close at hand, we let her try and climb the whole flight up by herself and we were astounded when she accomplished the feat. There's no stopping that girl. At ten months she is really getting around. We keep a close eye on her.

Her nickname is no longer "Nugget". Her new nickname is "Willow-berto Rodriguez".

It's the weekend of General Conference, which means no church. We just hung out at home. My wife made brown rice and pumpkin curry. Just right.

I have an enormous day ahead of me tomorrow. It's going to be insane.

Over the weekend, I got a lot of the conversion work done on the second incarnation of the Fateweavers (daemons of tzeentch). It's about 80% put together.

I also got the Space Wolves codex in. I read that over. Pretty incredible. Everything is really cool. We got in a copy of the Grey Hunters box set (ten models, makes Blood Claws, too-- both the Troops choices of the codex. I didn't see two melta-guns in there, just two plasmas. If there are no meltas I'm going to cry my eyes out. Everyone will want two of them and they are really hard to come by.

My wife and I have been married for fifteen years. We like to be around each other. Back when I was a bachelor, I heard that marriage was ever so difficult. I always imagined that it would be constant bickering and drama. But it didn't turn out that way at all. Tamie and I get along famously, and we are still very much in love. We enjoy dating.

Secret to our success: we are independent of our extended families; we formed our own bond. We are independent. We forgive readily and easily. No grudges, no punishment. Lots of physical contact-- warm, meaningfully and kind.

My advice to young men contemplating marriage would be:
1) do not engage in physical intimacy during the courtship. If anything, tone it way down to hand-holding and a kiss hello and another one goodbye. There is a reason for this. It keeps your head clear. It also sets the stage psychologically (for the woman mostly) to properly bond after marriage.
2) Take a serious look at the practical aspects: health, money, skill-sets, extended family and what neurosis you're going to be dealing with. Things that seem important during courtship are not really the things that pragmatically are important afterwards.
3) After that, make up your mind and take the dive.

A man is never really ready for marriage, or children. He's only going to be as ready as he's ever going to be. I was 25. That seemed about right for me.

One size does NOT fit all. Everyone is different. I'm only saying my opinion here.



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