Remember how I'm always harping about "moments of bliss" and how great life is? Well, today I had an opposite of one of those. A moment of utter black frustration. I got home and just broke down before getting into the house. My wife came out to the garage to see what on earth the racket was about. She knows how to get me smoothed out-- a little shoulder rub and a turkey pot pie.

All is well.

The big news is that I'm running a studio Warhammer Fantasy campaign, RPG style. I call it Conqueror. Each person starts out doing Skirmish games and eventually leading up to full-scale battles.

I played a game of this in the morning, then took my kids out to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The four year old actually sat through the whole thing which is pretty impressive. We are definitely going to own that movie. I was entertained and it was appropriate for very young kids. I had like four really good guffaws out of it. Very clever.

Two new units of Dire Avengers just came off the line for the Oceanic Eldar. And a second Farseer. I can't wait to give them a spin.

And tonight I'm going to see if Stargate: Universe really sucks or whether that was just the first episode.

I am currently booking projects for November. We're ready whenever you are.



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