Stepping it Up

More pics of this birdie-baddie. This is only a work in progress.

Today was Paint Fest. Best one ever. Huge turnout, professional presentation and training, awesome spread of Chinese food, and a lot (lot) of painting. I managed to make some serious inroads on this vulture demon for Fateweavers Mk2.

It was a good day, virtually an entire pendulum swing from yesterday: deals working, and good news from the mechanic.

Sure, it would have been great to say, "Hey, anyone want to see the woman who blew the transmission out of our car? Two bits a gander!" But it was better to not get a massive bill. I am joking, of course. Tamie and I don't hold on to stuff like that.

I am very tired. Worn out. I've been sleeping through the night, but only just barely, so I'm about an hour short.

PS- OK, bright and early the next morning...

Salamanders army: Sold

We're starting a studio Warhammer Fantasy campaign. One of the kind that you start out with a small, probably 500 point force. Renn is the master of that. I'll probably build up yet another army besides the tzeentch daemons, just to start on equal footing with everyone. What shall it be? Dwarfs maybe. Hmmmm... High Elves!

The Fateweavers Tzeentch daemons army is likely to be painted this coming week. Yay! Those of you following along know this is the second incarnation.

Got the Oceanic Eldar back today. That made my heart sing. Plans for that army include: armorcast revenant titan, more Dire Avengers and a second Farseer. And maybe another squadron of War Walkers. That will definitely do it for that army.

I'm a fan of making multiple armies rather than building a single one up to enormous proportions. Yes, I know I just explained how I was doing just that with the Eldar (at least 4000 pts with those expansions).

Mid-range projects will probably include Orks and a War Machine army. The new FW stuff coming out is just too cool.

If you're thinking of doing a Skaven army, just keep us in mind. Put us down for it. I am waiting for the army book and new kits to come out, and doing a small test run, before setting up specials for them. But rest assured, the specials are coming! We will definitely order a ton of kits to have them on hand for you.

Too many armies, too little time!



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