Green to Red

Yesterday was Saturday. All family all day. I baptized my eldest son (eight years old). Family came from all around and we had a late lunch at home. Tamie and her two sisters swooped into the kitchen and started throwing around meat and spices.

That night I took my son out on a special date. OK, so we went to Wal Mart. But that's where he wanted to go. At the LDS supply store we picked him up a tie tack and a journal. He is a kind and mild-mannered child. Quick to share and to give up his own interests. From the time he was born he was always just happy to be along for the ride.

I also picked up a hardback called Believing Christ. Very good read. It tackles the mother of all issues: grace/justice/mercy/forgiveness between God and Man.

In the parking lot of Wal Mart I picked up a few bags of tamales from a grey market vendor. They were delicious. At first, I was thinking "what's to say these are safe?" But what's to say that processed food from a factory is safe? I love the free market. I've been working to bring as many as my transactions as possible to a local level; getting my food and supplies local.

So what am I doing at Wal Mart.

I had a dream the other night, about three nights ago. I dreamed that I was taking a swim in a deliciously warm river. The sunlight was golden. The next day the river was frozen, and the air was white with driven snow. I thought to myself "Good thing I took a swim while the weather was warm."

The next day, reflecting on this, I remember driving up into the mountains in Oregon. There's a steep road with a cliff to one side. It then dives into old pine forests where there is only a thin ribbon of sky between the tips of the trees, high above. It was about this time of year six years ago.

We pulled up to a terrific new log home way up in the woods. It's where my father lived the last months of his life. I was there to visit with him the second to last time. He took me out on a balcony and motioned to a new truck down in the dirt driveway. New and big. He told me that he was close to retirement, and had bought the truck only shortly before being diagnosed with cancer. He lamented not being able to enjoy it.

He advised me to live life, enjoy life, and not wait to buy a truck. So to speak. Carpe diem and all that.

Today is Sunday. It was nothing short of delightful. Nope, didn't do anything. Our church is being held at 1pm now which is infinitely better than 2:30pm. My wife made some chile.



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