Long and Short of it

I was up at 6am this morning, keeping caught up on client correspondence. I am watching Arrested Development season one.

I have four painters working at the studio, cross-pollinating techniques. We're doing Space Hulk and a TON of imperial guard tanks. It's a load of fun. Renn and Dane brought a zombie video game down, but I made them take it into the break room.

I snapped some various pics of the Fateweavers, too. I still need to make and paint the Heralds, two on foot and two on disc.

The Forge World order came in today. Notably, this included three rhinoxen which we plan on converting into a type of Thunderwolf cavalry. So far, so good.

The studio is a place of peace, light and happiness. It's a good healthy place to be.

Nope, not sick of the baby pics. I just love my little snuggler!



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