What's on my mind?

First off, just a recap of the armies available for sale right now.

  • There is still enough White Wolves left to make a cohesive army. I broke it up into three 1500 point forces and about fifteen single-unit lots. There is a whole army section and about ten single-lots left.
  • Still have the Cadians.
  • Khorne Daemons. A few modifications are coming to this army. We're going to replace the head on the Bloodthirster with the head that comes with the FW model (goodbye custom head, fun while it lasted) and add one or two Forge World heralds on foot. One will be a rockin' BSB. Also 5x Flesh Hounds and Karanak are coming.
  • Alchemists of Chaos. No changes.
But as always I'm looking at the next thing. Isle of Blood has me really hot for High Elves. I'm thinking Teal and Green with gold. Oh yeah.

I've got two High Elf armies that are going to clear out four boxes of IOB HE, and leaving all the Skaven. Time to have a special on Skaven infantry! That's forthcoming. Time to paint those up, paint them like the wind!

Also might be time to get another Eldar army going. No, that's not going to happen. However, you should know that I have a HUGE box of Eldar in the trade stock. I thought I was holding it for a client, but I contacted him today and he told me that he traded it all in to me. That stuff is mine. Among other things available: new Fire Prisms and a FW Scorpion and FW Cobra (both latest editions). Any takers?

What I'm really excited about is the Dread Mob list. I think that has to happen. What an exciting army list and amazingly cool models. Oh man. And lots of Forge World stuff. That's going to cost a fortune. Has to happen.



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