Row Your Boat

This has been a crazy week, it's been quite like holding on to a bucking bull. But I've got it all under control. All projects are underway and indeed we are more ready than ever to take on new projects.

Personally, all is well. Family life is a dream as always. The two older kids are more mature and take care of themselves quite well, getting their own lunches ready in the morning when needed. Griffin is now five and going to school with them. They all love school and are well-adjusted to friends and teachers. I have to say it's a real delight. As you know I'm not a fan of traditional education, I think it's at least 50% useless tripe. I despise all the busy work and homework. Conversely, I think that kids self-educate quite well if given the proper direction and inspiration.

There I go ranting and griping about something again.

I have a new assistant at the studio. I don't like the title "assistant" because it sounds like a subordinate. She's working out very well. She lives locally and is a super-professional; reliable and thoughtful. And she laughs at the studio corniness, that's important.

This morning I'm headed out to get materials for a new terrain set: Alien Jungle. Speaking of which the terrain table is completely idle, we're ready for anything new anything at all.

I would like to have a part-time sculptor on staff to make stuff for us, but it's probably not in the budget, so I've been thinking about trying to form a symbiosis with a business that does that. We provide an outlet and recognition, and in turn get to tap into that talent. If you're interested drop me a line.

  • Bitz order is coming in today.
  • I've got six copies of Isle of Blood ready to get painted up or incorporated into whole armies.
  • Still have multiple armies on the block: Alchemists of Chaos, Khorne Daemons, Cadians, Warriors of Chaos, and White Wolves.
Here's a vid I stumbled across this morning. Does this have merit?



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