Tactica: Mopping Up

[Got this in from a viewer. Anyone else want to make a comment?]

Hello Shawn,

I love watching your battle reports (and they're actually one of the reasons that I now play the game). Your last one was excellent and I wanted to say two things. First, your batreps are great for learning how to play the game as well as how to have fun while losing (or winning graciously). While a lot of people claim you make more mistakes than most games, my experience is that the only difference between your mistakes and the ones that occur in a
regular game is that yours are on video. It's a complicated game and even in tournaments people forget or misremember rules.

My second note had to do with some comments at the end of the game. You mentioned the new rules regarding not getting victory points for half dead or fleeing units. I've heard a lot of complaints about these rules online and from local players. But I'm a big fan. I'd suggest bringing a small fast unit or two with the goal of getting them into your opponent's backfield and running down fleeing units. I tend to use mine in the early game to hunt down my opponent's skirmishers and warmachines and then in the late game I'll try to get them behind units that I think I may break. Be careful about how close you put them because being fled through generally means you won't be able to charge them and force them off the table. Facing and distance matters, but if you can manage to get a unit back there doing clean-up duty you can score a lot of extra points.

Thanks again for all the videos and keep up the good work!

Always a blast,



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