White Lines on Your Mind

At this moment I'm upstairs at the studio by my lonesomes. I keep the doors locked because I'm a paranoid delusional. Of course, I'm high-functioning paranoid delusional so most people don't notice.*


A veritable bundle of neurosis. That's the price of being a creative genius. More like an idiot savant I suppose.

Anyway, this week was absolute drek. Sales in the toilet, bills piling up. We found black mold and mushrooms (????) downstairs so one of those rooms had to be ripped up. And guess what? A crack in the foundation where water is seeping into the house. Too bad it's bank property. The bank is like a landlord except they charge massive interest (doubling the price of the house) and don't do any repairs. Ooooh, let's make sure those institutions don't fail!!!

On the plus side, my family life is an absolute dream. My four kids are angels on this earth, and my wife is a pillar of light and goodness. We have always got along so famously. And I am in perfect health. That's really something and not a day goes by that I don't appreciate it. I've lived with a mostly uninterrupted strength in mind and body.

This morning we got up early and headed out to the Farmer's Market. I found out that the county Health Inspectors are out there every week probing and testing every stand and making the locals pay for the privilege. My question: "Was there a problem before?" and the answer is no, no one was sick. Good heavens! A local farmer can't even cut a strawberry into quarters and put it on a toothpick without government interference. At least it's the County. If the Feds were down on my street corner harassing a local wife for selling jam I think I would bleed out the face.

Griping about banks: check!
Griping about the government: check!

My cantankerousness level is just right.

Other than that, it was a delight to spend time with my lovely wife, going about the valley getting fresh produce, eggs and milk from local sources. Then we went home and started in on family chores. I slept through the whole thing for two hours. My valkyrie of a wife just let me sleep. I was after all working at the studio until 10pm last night, and up again at 5:30am this morning.

But the nets are mostly empty.

Right now I'm getting all the project ready for the coming week. I will be caught up by tonight! I'm listening to Regina Spektor.

I've got numerous armies on the block:
White Wolves (split into three and misc)
Alchemists of Chaos
Khorne Daemons (yup I just went and did it, almost done)

Check here for pics and prices

Also check out this amazing Tyranid color scheme. Wow, I really like this.

Please pardon my whinging.

*in case you're dense, I'm kidding about stuff like this.



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