Heartwarming Tale


I am changing painting services. This May I placed two orders with an overseas company to purchase, assemble, paint and ship what together represented a decent sized Space Marine Army. With both orders finally arriving last week in literally crushed boxes (sigh... 4 months later... oh did I mention no insurance is possible from that country?), I must say that, that relationship is now at an unhappy end. Advertises as a professional service. Prices were very cheap (now I know why)... literally no quality controls on the ordering, modeling, painting etc. I could go on and on about the literally dozens of mistakes... like all the bases are green grass when I ordered burnt wasteland... some of the models are the wrong models, pieces missing from models, holes in vehicles, parts not painted, no consistancy, etc... but why waste any more of your time. In fact, why am I telling you this? Because, of two reasons. I simply can not afford to throw that much money away and not have anything to show for it and I need to feel like your company will be different. I have heard really good things about your service.... I am looking for a service that I can work with that gets the job done, right the first time and handles it more like a contract. Reading your website, watching your intro videos, etc - that seems to be the way you operate. I didn't START with your company because I saw the prices and thought - wow, nice results but I will have to get get a lot less stuff.... so I convinced myself that an overseas company, with cheap prices could provide a similar service, right? Major waste of money and time. Well, here I am, willing to pay now. Looking forward to becoming a new customer.




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