Ork Dread Mob

I just got in Imperial Armor 8 today and I must say that it contains my favorite 40K army list ever: Ork Dread Mob. You can take Deff Dreads as TROOPS (!) and Killa Kans as Fast Attack. Absolutely tremendous. Pretty much all mech. You just need a 60 pt required unit of Spanna Boyz and the rest is vehicles. Oh, man the conversion possibilities are tremendous.

After scanning the list, this is the list I would make:
2x Kustom Meka Dread (HQ) w/Kustom Force Field and various weapons = 600 pts
10x Spanna boyz (Troop) = 70 pts
5x Deff Dreads (Troops) = 500 pts
9x Killa Kans (Fast Attack) = 480 pts
2x Mega Dread (Heavy Support) = 400
= 2050 pts

This has six Troops choices.
Not sure how much it would cost dollar-wise, probably in the $1500-2000 range after all the Forge World models (four Mega Dreads to be precise). This could be kitted out to absolutely insane levels with multiple arm swaps and tons of eye-popping Forge World stuff.

More to come on this one.



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